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2020 11 07 RCIA News, Children's Reflection, Family Activities

RCIA Journey 2020

Next weekend 15 November will see the reception of our 2 Catechumens, Andrew Mitchell and Sam Philp, after many months of journeying through the RCIA program at Holy Spirit. When we first met up in October last year, we had little idea of the challenges that would confront us as we moved through the program, but credit to our two Catechumens, they stuck through it and carried on to now be well and truly ready to become full members of the Catholic Faith.

The last third of the journey was completed online because of the COVID restrictions, which did present some challenges but the RCIA team now feels that they are more than ready to become part of the Catholic community.

Our two Catechumens deserve all praise and encouragement for their perseverance and single mindedness in wanting to be part of our community.

We ask the Holy Spirit community to keep these two special men very much in our prayers and to welcome them wholeheartedly into our midst.

The RCIA team

Right of Christian Initiation of Adults - 2020 – 21

We, the RCIA team of Tina and Lawry, have just recently commenced a new RCIA journey with our new Catechumen, Deborah. As with so many things in 2020, this year’s program has started out via Zoom, but we’re hoping that if the situation improves, we will be able to start meeting face to face again in the not too distant future.

We ask the Holy Spirit community to please include Deborah in your prayers and thoughts as she embarks on this significant life journey finding God.

We also ask for your prayers for the RCIA team, as we try to facilitate Deborah’s journey via a virtual platform and also a completely new RCIA program (Symbolon), which will no doubt present its own challenges.

The RCIA team (Tina & Lawry)

Children's Reflection, Family Activities

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