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Following is a log of announcements that have been made since our lock down journey.

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Covid 19 Updates

2020 09 19 Children's Reflection, Family Activities, Winter Shelter Update, Archbishop Comensoli on The Roadmap

Children's Reflection, Family Activities

Click to find a Children's reflection page plus other details of interesting things to do together as family.

Winter Shelter Update

One of our parish school mums, Jacki Wootten, has kindly volunteered to organise the Winter Shelter cooking roster and to be the collection point for donated groceries. She is asking for grocery donations for the Winter Shelter, in particular Up and Go breakfast drinks and any other easy to go breakfast packs, rice, pasta and canned goods, toiletry items such as soap, deodorant, sanitary products, etc. are also needed. Please support the program if you can. Jacki has kindly voluntered to coordinate this for Winter Shelter. Please contact her on 0488 013 666 to arrange grocery drop off.


Archbishop Comensoli on The Roadmap out of restrictions

See Archbishop Peter Comensoli's statement regarding The Roadmap out of restrictions in this News article: https://www.holyspiritparish.org.au/News-Events/ArtMID/1866/ArticleID/325/Statement-from-Most-Rev-Peter-A-Comensoli-Archbishop-of-Melbourne-re-The-Roadmap-out-of-restrictions.

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Welcome to Holy Spirit Parish

Welcome to our Parish Website. This parish is situated at Ringwood North in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Holy Spirit Parish Vision


We aim to make our parish a missionary parish based on the five pillars of Church life - Worship, Evangelization, Discipleship, Community and Ministry. To actualise this dream we are currently working on Divine Renovation based on Alpha.

Since its inception in 1972, Holy Spirit Parish has moved through many stages of development and today continues to strive to be a vibrant community of faith within the Archdiocese. The number of people involved in the sacramental and outreach programmes helps us to bear witness to Christ in our day today life.

We invite you to become part of Holy Spirit parish family by worshiping at Holy Mass, participating in our many activities and service opportunities, and giving your time and talent. Please feel free to come and visit us or contact the parish office if you require further assistance.


Saying Yes to God

Saturday 26th August 2020

Saying Yes to God

The liturgical reading today, Matthew 21:28-32, points out that there must be a connection between what we say and what we do. We possess the freedom to say yes or no to God and ability to change the direction of our lives. And one way or another we are responsible for our conduct and accountable for our behaviour. The varying attitudes of the two sons in the gospel give us cause to think carefully because whether we like it or not, there is a mixture of both personalities in us. If Christian faith is not accompanied by upright Christian living, what we profess to believe has no value and amounts to lip service or idle promises which are worthless. We are uttering words but are not changing our hearts.

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Today's Readings

Today's readings are provided by Melbourne Catholic, a publication of the Communications Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.