Listening for God's call

Saturday 19th December 2020

Listening for God's call

Mary is at the centre of this Sunday's gospel, Luke 1:26-38, which gives us a simple but moving account of the greatest message that was ever delivered. In it we are told simply and plainly that there was a young maiden, who knelt down at the angel Gabriel's mysterious message and in the freedom of her heart, gave the total gift of herself to God saying 'be it done unto me according to thy Word.' Mary was needed by God so that He might carry out this plan for the world and send His Son among us. She was asked to cooperate with God and be the mother of Christ. The moment she said yes to the angel, salvation began and she brought that salvation to birth at Bethlehem on the first Christmas day.

As she turned over in her mind what the angel's greeting could mean, she came only gradually to understand the message and mystery of Christmas. In listening to the word of God, Mary shows us an aspect of our Christian life which is of special importance. To be a Christian is to be a person who keeps their ears open to what God is calling them to do so that they can answer that call. We can ask her to help us have her attitude of listening and responding to God's call so that we can be as ready and as willing to bring Christ into our world as she was. Wishing you a merry and grace-filled Christmas!

Fr. Arsenio

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