Christ The King

Saturday 21st November 2020

Christ The King

The feast of Christ the King brings the church's year to a close and with it comes a reminder that the cycle of our own lives here on earth will also reach its completion. The end of the year is review time and gives us opportunity to reflect on our behaviour as members of God's household. The gospel, Matthew 25:31-46, points out very strongly that admission into our eternal home depends on the effort we make to aid and comfort the needy. We will be assured of a place in Christ's kingdom only if we treat others as Christ would treat them.

This is a challenging gospel which takes on exceptional importance as it portrays a powerful image of judgement and presents us with the choice of being for or against Christ. There is no in between. None of us can reflect upon it without seeing areas of our lives where change and improvement are needed. God is going to judge us on the works of mercy we perform which is our response to human need. One thing is for certain: there will be no excuses accepted on the last day. No one will be granted the luxury of the sin of omission saying 'I minded my own business and did nobody harm. I passed by on the other side of the road.' Christ will not be deceived by appearances.

He will look at nothing but the human heart, so all pretence will be wiped away, all falseness exposed and our real selves brought into light. In a glance, we will be recognised as His friends or disowned as strangers. Jesus is still walking the earth in the guise of our neighbour who is suffering and in need.

Fr. Arsenio

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